We are proud to offer brushes of many styles and from many companies.  We have tested these brushes in our classes and they have proven to be the best brushes for the technique and painting style described in this web site.

Natural Hair Brushes

We carry many different natural hair brushes for use with oil or alkyd paints.  Most of the brushes are a mixture of different animal hairs, chosen to do the job needed by the brush.  Generally speaking, natural hair brushes are preferred with oils when a detailed look is desired.

The chisel edges of the flat brushes will product a wonderful thin line.

The filberts with their rounded end are great for florals.

Mops are what is needed for refinement blending and, of course, liners are what is called for when you need very thin lines in flower stems or tree limbs and animal hair.

These natural hair brushes are stiff enough to stand up to your oil paints.  They will get the job done.  Remember, your painting job will only be as good as your brush.  Be sure to use the right one in all the projects you work on.  It will not only get the job done, but it will make your job easier too.

Bristle Brushes

These various Bristle Brushes are made from man-made fibers.  They are designed to do scrubbing and tapping or pouncing on the surface to move the oil paint around and get it down into the texture of that surface.  They are great for skies and backgrounds and any technique that requires scrubbing; which, of course, is very hard on a natural hair brush.  These bristles can do the job!

Oil Rouging Brushes

These wonderful soft, but firm, brushes are designed for and are perfect for oil rouging.  they are soft enough to blend the color into such soft rougings, but firm enough to move oil paint around the surface

Liner Brushes

The Supreme Liner Brushes will change the way you feel about your liner.  These liners can paint on and on.