Believe Cardinal


Intermediate Oil Rouging

This roughing kit contains the instructions and the mounted surface.
The surface is Canson; Mi-Teintes acid free paper mounted to acid-free board and includes the lettering of the verse

“When you believe beyond what your eyes can see . . . signs from Heaven show up to remind you Love never dies.”

Some say this striking cardinal is a symbol of a departed love one’s return to us. That is a comforting thought so let’s stick to it.



Oil Rouging is one of my favorite types of oil painting.  It is easy, impressive looking, makes great gifts, fun to do, and I could go on and on.  I hope you have tried this art form.  If you have not, then maybe you should.

Basically, is starts with a pen and ink rendering of a subject.  A layer of sealer is applied between the ink and the oil paint.  The oil paint goes on next with a gel medium added to it to make the colors transparent enough that the inking shows through the paint.  The colors go on lightly; hence the name rouging.  This technique is very similar to the way color was added to photographs long ago before color film was invented.  It’s fun to do and it results in a beautiful art piece with a softness to it that most people admire.


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Kit, Extra Surface