A work in progress!!  Notice my sample is not finished.
Click on the painting below mine to see Cheri’s finished project.

This is an heirloom sofa painting.  Designed by: Cheri Rol

We will be painting in in an Open style class;
we will work on it the last Tuesday of each month in class.

Let’s get started on June 27.  Class Fee: $10.00 per hour

If you want to work on it at home also, that is fine as this painting is very repetitious.  When you need help, come in on the last Tuesday of any month and we will work on it.

Background is color of your choice to match your decor.

Notice mine is green in the background.
Cheri’s painting which is purplish in the background.

Lots of options here, including size of your painting also.



All Classes taught by Carole Robbins, CDA.

Class Times are 10 to 12:30 am or 6:30 to 9 pm unless otherwise stated.

Class Fee must be paid to register in a class.
Other Fees (paints, brushes, and other supplies) may be paid on the class date.
You are expected to purchase supplies for the selected classes
from Robbins Nest Art & Framing Studio

If Prep Work is indicated, surface must be  picked up the week before class
and prep work must be completed before class time.


Additional information


AM, PM, Either