Titanium White Alkyd


Fast Drying.
Mixable with Oil Paints.



I am pleased to offer Griffin “fast drying” Alkyd Paints.

Like any paint alkyds consist of pigment and a binder.  The binder in this case is a synthetic alkyd resin.  The benefits of alkyds are many.  They dry much faster than oil paint and much slower than acrylics. While different colors of oils dry at different rates, alkyd colors all dry at the same rate.  Because they dry faster than oils, alkyd paintings can be varnished sooner — in as little time as one month or less.

Alkyds can be mixed with any oil paints and oil painting mediums.  They will also hasten the drying time of the oils they are mixed with.  Generally, they stay workable for 3 to 4 hours and dry in 12 to 18 hours; depending on the thickness of the layer of paint.

You should try these paints!  The joy of oil blending and the much faster drying time.  What a great combination.

Once you’ve used the alkyds a few times, you might never go back to oils.  But remember, they are mixable with the oils you already have.  Give these paints a try.  We think you will love them!

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37 ml, 200 ml